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Whatever the nature and scope of your event, wherever your meeting is taking place, or whatever the topic. Our team of event project managers have the experience, assets and network to be able to create and implement a solution for you, enabling your participants to meet and communicate seamlessly wherever they are, whether in one room or spread around the globe.
Large Scale Events

Large Scale Events

  • Any venue: from meeting rooms to stadiums, boardrooms to cruise ships, indoor or outdoor, we have the experience and technology to cover it.
  • As many languages as you need: We have technology that can deliver up to 32 channels of simultaneous interpretation.
  • Many spoken languages: your various speakers can all take the stage and present in their native tongue.
  • Devices: we have solutions using rental or one time purchase devices depending on your use case.
Video Conferencing/Calls

Video Conferencing/Calls

  • Your choice of platform: whether it is Zoom, Webex, Hangouts, Intercall, etc: we can interface with your existing conference platform, or provide you a turnkey solution.
  • Multiple rooms: each participant can communicate with anyone on the call, whilst only speaking and hearing their native language.
Remote Interpretation

Remote Interpretation

  • How: by streaming your event audio and/or video to a remote location or the cloud, where the simultaneous interpretation can be performed and the resulting feeds returned to site, to be distibuted either via user smartphones or dedicated devices.
  • Where: either to another room in the same facility e.g. to support multiple rooms at the same convention center, or to the other side of the world.
  • When: When logistics or economics prevent the use of on site interpreters, or when there just is not enough space for them in your meeting room.
Business Meetings

Business Meetings

  • Inclusivity: Push to talk microphones at every seat let everyone participate with no interruptions.
  • Reliability: state of the art integrated language and audio visual systems.
  • Connectivity: patch in remote participants speaking other languages via phone or web.
  • Security: encrypted distribution of wireless audio and interpretation.
  • Streaming: meeting audio and multi camera video can easily be captured for web streaming or archive purposes.


  • Topics: from general sales to highly technical engineering or medical conferences, we have teams of linguists with direct experience and certification.
  • Staff: certified professional linguists supported by highly experienced production staff and professional technicians.
Rental Equipment

Rental Equipment

  • What you need: extensive rental inventory, from full soundproof interpreter booths to the smallest microphone and earpiece.
  • When you need it: delivered on time to your location anywhere in the world.


  • Interpreters: Our worldwide network of certified simultaneous conference interpreters are ready to assist with your event whatever the topic.
  • Technicians: Our highly experienced technicians are dedicated to providing your event and our interpreters with the technical support they deserve.
  • Project Management: our project management staff will guide you through from any questions you may have about how to implement interpretation at your event to a solution that works for your budget. Their experience in event logistics will ensure that no detail is overlooked implementing out our proposal to service your event as promised.