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About our quote process

Written Translation Quote Process

There are many factors that come into play throughout the quote process. Providing the right information during that process can save you time, money and unwelcome surprises. Below are a few guidelines to help you make the best-informed decision for your company and begin our ISO 9001 certified translation process.

    We provide translation services for any file type. Note that it is always best to provide the original file format. For example, a PDF document can be created from a variety of programs but are often not editable and you can expect the layout and formatting of the PDF to be compromised. Finding the source file (original file format) is the best option to provide a faster turnaround time and not compromise the layout and formatting that you expect to receive back in the translated document.

    Word count, preparation, and layout are the three main factors that determine the timeframe for delivery. To ensure your translation request meets the highest standards, we ask that you provide us with a time frame you are comfortable with to allow us time to meet those standards. We do provide rush service on jobs when you need a translation sooner than expected. Turnaround time depends on the word count , and same-day turnaround may be possible on short projects.

    Your original document contains the source language or the original language the document was created in. The target language for a source document contain the translated text from the original document. The target language tab on our quote page lets you input as many languages that you need to be translated. If you require translation into an obscure language combination, then we can guide you through the process and options over the phone or e-mail.

    Multilingual DTP ensures that your intended message is accurately represented throughout the world through a combination of your branding, company specifications and localized visual preferences. Layout is charged on an hourly basis and providing the original file format ensures an accurate layout. If your company would rather go through the publishing process in-house, we still ask for the original file format to ensure that no artifacts come through in the translation process that may delay delivery.

Conference Quote Process

Looking for simultanoues interpretation for a conference or event can involve a steep learning curve in the methods and technologies involved. We stand ready to assist you through the process, here are some of the major areas that will need to be given consideration.

    Aside from the obvious count of foreign languages that will need to be provided, will there be any reverse translation to English at any point, maybe a Q&A or such? In addition, will anyone be speaking a language other than English on stage/at the meeting, requiring relay interpretation to be used.

    Not only will we need to know the total number of attendees that will be using the service, we will also need to know the total size of the audience/room area in which those attendees may be spread out, in order to provide coverage to every possible seat. If you have CAD plots, particularly for large/complex venues, we would love a copy so that we can plot radio/infrared coverage before we provide our quotation.

    Simultaneous conference interpretation is human powered, interpreters standardly work in pairs, from a soundproof booth per language. Flying in all these teams can be a costly exercise. We will always attempt to contract local interpreters where suitably qualified options are available, however for many cities and languages there simply aren't enough interpreters available to make this possible. In that case we will make recommendations as to which teams need to be flown in, and how to keep costs down, whilst providing the most suitable interpreter teams for your event.

    If the show hours of the event are long, interpreter overtime can start to mount up quickly. If we are provided with an accurate agenda, we will include an estimate of overtime for those hours in our quotation. If you would like we can provide advice as to how to possibly adjust your show schedule to minimize your exposure to overtime.

    There are a wide range of technologies in use to distribute language services at events. We are able to provide in house solutions that utilize any one of them, and will recommend the best solution, be it radio, infrared or streaming, based on your use case and budget. The more information you can supply about the venue, and if you have provided translation in the past, how that worked for you, the better we can tailor a proposal to your needs.

    We know how frustrating it can be, having based a budget on a quotation, to then receive an invoice with a host of extra line items later. We always endeavor to provide fully inclusive quotations, including all shipping, accommodation, travel and expenses, and a full estimate for overtime. Any items in our quotation that are subject to change are noted accordingly.

Interpreting Quote Process

Here are some areas that will need to be given consideration before we can provide you with the right tools to get your message across to your audience.

    Consecutive interpreters trade off with the speaker(s) every few sentences. The speaker says something in one language then pauses, then the interpreter repeats what was said in another language. This is the most common form of interpreting for conversations and small face-to-face meetings.

    Please visit our conference interpreting page if you require simultaneous interpretation. This type of interpretation is where interpreters do not trade off with the speaker(s), they need to listen to one language and repeat it in another language at the same time.

    There may be a need to consider a travel cost once you inform us where the on-site interpretation will be taking place. Factors that will determine travel cost include, exotic languages and whether the on-site interpretation is taking place in a city (high density population area) or in a rural area (low density population). Languages that are commonly interpreted and will be taking part in a city are less likely to incur travel costs.

    Let us know what situation our interpreters will be working in. Whether it is legal, medical, public sector, or business we will work with you to provide you with the best interpreter suited for your needs.

    You may reschedule as necessary but an assignment must be rescheduled 24 hours prior to the start time to not incur a fee.

    Cancellation must be made at least 24 hours prior to the scheduled start of the assignment to not incur a fee. A cancellation that falls on a Monday must be made by 5pm (PT) Friday.

    We have other enhanced solutions if on-site interpretation does not necessarily cover all your needs. Whether it may be assistive listening, conference interpreting, remote or telephone interpreting, we can discuss and find the solution that fits your needs.